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Light Duty-Double Clamping Mechanism
1000 lb. Capacity per drum

EG2LDCM-F.gif (153722 bytes)

The Eagle-Grip 2™ attachments can handle virtually any drum regardless of size or type. (EG2LDCM-F shown above)

Eagle 2 Series swiveling heads work on different drum chime configurations. (EG2LDCM2-F shown above)

he Eagle 2 Series of lift truck attachments utilize a light duty Eagle-Grip™ double articulating clamping mechanism for handling any size steel, fibre or plastic chimed drum. EG2LDCM-CM can attach to many walkie stackers (consult factory with make and model of stacker for proper fitting). Other EG2 models are provided with totally enclosed fork pockets and a safety chain to attach to the lift truck carriage. All Eagle-Grip™ clamping mechanisms are completely automatic requiring no electrical or hydraulic connections. The articulating or swivel feature of the heads permits simple pickup of drums that are misaligned and slightly separated. Standard belt bases support the lower side of the drum eliminating dents or cosmetic marring. Optional non-sparking jaws are available for handling flammables. 

**Consult factory for placing EG2 clamping assemblies in Heavy-Duty frames**

Drum Lifter Quotation Form


See video clip of unit handluing fiber drums

video of lifter handling fiber drum

Drum Lifter Quotation form


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