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800 lb. Capacity per drum

Completely mechanical attachment slides on/off forks in seconds.

Handles 1 or 2 drums at a time.

European style plastic drums have steadily increased in numbers worldwide, especially among exporters of fruit juices and other food products. Having no lifting chime, they are typically manhandled from double stacked overseas containers. The model EPG2-F can handle 1 or 2 drums at a time through the use of clamping arms which wrap around the tapered sides of the drum.

This attachment slides on the forks of any lift truck. Its fully automatic mechanical design requires no hydraulic or electrical connections to the lift truck. A safety chain with cam-lock secures the attachment to the lift truck in seconds without the need for tools.

Models are available as single or double drum units handling 55 or 30 gallon size drums. 

Mechanical clamping arms hold tapered drums tightly for transport.

Drums rest against circular backrest for correct vertical support.



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