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GRIP & WEIGH Drum Handlers

Scale option for Eagle-Grip Attachments

Increase Workplace Safety & Productivity By:

  • Eliminating Excessive manhandling of drums to and from floor scales.
  • Instantly checking the weights of incoming raw materials in drums while unloading.
  • Providing easy weight verifications of outgoing wastes in drums.
  • Drastically reducing the time required to inventory weights of partial drums manually.

Model EG1SCM-S is extremely accurate and economical

All Eagle-Grip™ attachments can be equipped with custom load cells and indicator to providing a self contained means of weighing single drums using a lift truck or stacker. There are no external connections to the lift truck besides the OSHA safety chain. 

The Eagle-Grip™ 1 & 2 Series attachments are recommended for most industrial drum weighing and drum handling applications. 

The Eagle-Grip™ 3 & 4 Series attachments are necessary for high volume handling and when intrinsically safe weighing is required for hazardous areas. 

Attachments with intrinsically safe weighing system are provided with non-sparking jaws and heavy belts to support the lower third of the drum.

Eagle-Grip™ attachments are also available for weighing up to two drums at a time.  These models require the indicator to be mounted to the overhead guard of the lift truck. Weights for each drum can be stored and downloaded to a computer through the indicator.  An optional label printer provides a way of tracking product, printing company information, weights and more.

Made in U.S.A.

Video Clip of Drip and Weigh

drum pickers with scales (video)


Model EG2DCM-S provides extra security for plastic and fiber drums

EG4DCM-NF-IS.jpg (65628 bytes)

Model EG4DCM-NF-IS handles drums to 2000 lb.    

Doran Model 8000-IS Indicator for use in intrinsically safe areas

Model EG4DCM2-F-S for high volume drum weighing

Indicator & Label Printer conveniently mounted in cab of Fork Truck


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