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Need to REACH for Drums?

The elimination of legs with the offset of counter weight makes the Easy lift Counterbalanced drum lifter ideal for putting drums into Hot boxes, cabinets, under pumps, filling tanks, scales or containment areas where REACH is required. With a few simple pumps of the foot pedal you can easily lift various type and size drums 18 to 20 inches without ever having to touch the drum.


  • Capacity from 200 to 800 lbs! 
  • Convenient foot pedal ensures both lifting and lowering of drums! 
  • Darcor 8" H x 2" W bearing casters allow easy movement with heavy loads! 
  • Eagle Grip 1 gripper head for handling steel, poly and fiber chimed drums
  • Locking swivel caster wheels to keep unit from creeping


  • D.C. power lift With built in battery and charger
  • FDA Powder Coating! 
  • Extended high-lift mast! 
  • Non-sparking jaws with belt base and anti static strap
  • Scale Systems for weighing contents (ideal for inventory, pumping and filling drums)
  • Double Clamping heads
  • Air powered tank for powered Explosion Proof applications

drum handler with reach
No legs. Great For Reach Applications

drum lift shown with power assist
Shown with power drum lift

gripper handles steel, plastic and cardboard drums
Standard Clamp handles steel, poly and fiber drums of various sizes.

Line drawing for counter balanced model

Click to view larger image


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