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EasyLift™ Drum Dumper

Drum Lifter with Power Lift, Dumping, Rotation, Clamping etc.

The EasyLift Drum Dumper is a portable unit which allows an operator to lift a drum to various heights and dispense its contents. These units are relatively compact and with the many options available and custom work, you will certainly find a unit to work with any of your applications.


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FEATURES (standard air model)
  • 79” Single stage mast to provide 48” vertical drum lift height above floor level
  • Air Powered: Lift and 360 degree left/right rotation
  • (2) Ratchet straps for handling plastic, fiber and steel drums.
  • Drum capacity: 1000 lbs.
  • Air Filter/Lubricator/Regulator (metal) and shut off valve
  • Low Decibel Muffler Oversized Muffler plumbed toward floor
  • Darcor™ Ergonomic Caster: 5” x 2” swivel, 8” x 2” Rigid.
  • Step-Down Foot Floor Lock
  • Dimensions: 51-3/4” Length x 34” Width x 79” Height


see our custom drum lifts for other applications


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air powered drum dumper
Air powered lift and rotation drum dumpers, 2 stage masts, FDA coatings

hydraulic drum dumper

Air powered: Lift, clamp, rotation for Explosion Proof Applications. Scale shown
forward drum dumper
forward drum dumping models. Unit shown with air powered, lift, tilt, clamp and rotation

strap rotator

Forward Drum dumping models. unit shown with gray FDA coating
special clamp drum lifters
DC powered models with larger clamps. 3 pc jaw systems

stationary drum dumpers

stationary models also available with all features


Counter Balanced Models Also Available
drum dumping with reach

Counter Balanced models with reach, Air powered lift, clamp and rotation

drum dumpers with reach, ex and scale

Drum dumper with reach. Shown with optional: Scale, Air powered, 3 pc jaw system and more. Capacity 600 pounds

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