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Frequently Asked Drum Handling Questions


The Spark resistant jaw option on most units include a jaw casting that has a chemical makeup to eliminate sparks. With a mixture of metals including bronze, these jaws eliminate any static sparks from transferring to the drum. In most cases these units also include a rubber belt base on the bottom of the unit to keep from any static sparks from transferring towards the bottom of the drum as well. Our portable Drum lifters also incorporate a grounding strap to alleviate any static.


The quick answer, Yes. Around clamping jaws are hydraulically driven so we can apply enough pressure to lift your smooth sided fiber drum yet clamp it just enough that it doesn't crush it. Our jaws cover nearly 95% of the surface area on a standard 55 gallon drum. We use a soft rubber lining on these jaws so that it puts enough grip to keep your 600 pound + plastic drum from slipping. See a video of these jaws handling a 550 poly drum here.


We can modify the standard drum lifters so that the legs are a little longer to straddle a pallet. We would then add the 8" larger wheels which will provide the clearance to reach into the center of the pallet. This also allows for corner access of the pallets to remove the drums as well. You can view a photo Here


Depending upon what it is you have to lift we can surely find a workaround. Whether we use something such as our custom clamping jaws or what we call the 'chimeless drum strap'. This is essentially a nylon strap that quickly and easily ratchets around the container causing a form fit. Welded to this strap assembly is a tongue that will work with any of our portable drum lifters.


We make tow versions of a four drum lifter. The EL4-F which lifts four drums in a quad similar to what you see on a pallet as well as four drums across which ideal for floor loading drums. If you are looking to load/unload pallets take a look at our EL4-F model Here







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