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Powered Drum Transporter with Power Lift, Travel, Clamping and Rotation

The DRUM-HAULER™ motorized drum lift makes an easy task of transporting drums in and out of trucks or up and down ramps using its power drive system. This complete power drum lift uses dc power for lift and travel. It incorporate a large industrial battery which operates continuously for up to 16-hours leaving that 3rd shift as a recharge time. These compact hydraulic units will fit in the tightest of places including a standard doorway.

Several options available which convert your powered drum lifter into the perfect tool for your batching and drum dumping processes. Take it a step further and add a drum scale and you can accurate meter our products as they are dispensed.

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  • Powered Drum Transporter w/ Power: Lift, Travel, Rotation & Clamping
  • 800 lb. drum capacity on a 12” load center
  • Left/Right 360 Degrees rotation
  • 48” Vertical Drum Lift Height
  • Clamp Rotator lined with white non-marking rubber for poly, steel or fiber drums.
  • Remote rotation and clamping functions provided in magnetic backed control box on coil cord
  • Battery: Deka 12D85-9, 24Volt, 340 A.H. industrial battery
  • Battery Discharger Indicator
  • AC Drive Motor with regenerative braking
  • Thumb control forward and reverse switch with infinite creep speed provided with Snail button located in handle.
  • Electronic speed controller can be preset for a maximum  travel speed between 1.8 and 3.85 mph.  Unless otherwise specified at time of order, maximum travel speed will be factory preset at 1.8 mph.
  • Reversing Safety Switch with handle lockout positions
  • Key on/off switch with horn button in handle
  • Gradient Performance-20%
  • Load Wheels: Tandem Polyurethane 3” dia. x 4” wide
  • Drive Wheel: 9” diameter x 2-3/4” wide rubber
  • Dimensions: 28.5” Wide, 54” Base Length, 77.25” Lowered Height
  • Finish: Safety Orange powder coating



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motorized drum handler with 20" of lift
Model DH800 Provides 20" of Lift with an Extremely compact design
double stack drums

Model DH80040 Permits Double Stacking of Drums
double clamping drum gripper
Optional: Eagle-Grip 4 Series Double Clamping Mechanism

drum hauler video clip

Click here to view a video demo of the power drum hauler


Powered Drum Dumper : By adding a rotator to your Drum Hauler, an operator can easily rotate a drum either left and right or 180 degrees forward. Where this product is unique is that there are no straddle legs on the very compact truck. This allows users to take drums on and off pallets and reach over tanks and hoppers when dumping. These units can be completely powered in that they have power lift, drive, clamp and rotation. All of this from a unit that is capable of lifting a drum 8+ feet yet still fit through a single standard door.

FDA DCoated

DH80048CRSPEE-IS with Optional, "EE" Rating, Intrinsically- safe Scale, and FDA Powder Coating

power drum dumper

Model DH80096CR shown with Clamp Rotator and 96" of lift. Great for handling smooth sided drums

Drum Hauler with over 108" of lift
Model DH600108CREE-IS with optional scale, Clamp rotator and 108" of lift
Rubber Lines jaws

Rubber Lined Clamping Jaws, handles plastic fibre or steel drums

RCR Clamping Jaws
RCR Jaw System allowed for handling smaller drums. Approx 12" to 24" in dia.
compact hydarulic drum lifter
Compact Design, maneuvers in tight spaces
Strap Rotator

Strap Rotator/dumping Models Available



Forward Rotating Drum Dumpers: With the Forward dumping models you can lift and tilt a drum 180 degrees forward for those 'straight on' drum dumps. The clamping jaws allows you to handle steel, poly and fiber drums of various sizes. With a capacity of 800 pounds there isn't a drum this unit can't handle.

800 pound capacity,  Forward Dumping, 48" or 96"
DH80048FCR-IS-EE - NEW FORWARD drum dumping design, allows for dumping in tight awkward areas where straight-on dumping is necessary. (Equipped with optional EE rating and Intrinsically Safe Scale for weighing drums, Power Clamping & Rotation for handling poly, steel and fibre drums)


DH60096FCR- 2 stage mast for a total of 96" lift height. Unit collapses down to 77 1/4". Can also be made to lift a drum up to 108". Handles Steel, Poly and Fiber Drums. Small forklift drum dumper perfect for batching applications where drums need to be dumped into kettles, hoppers etc...


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