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EasyLift Drum Scale Systems

  • Instant & Accurate weighing of drums
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased worker safety
  • Can be fitted on new & previously sold models
  • Eliminates moving drums to floor scales


EasyLift™ ERGONOMIC DRUM TRANSPORTER:  Originally designed to prevent injuries associated with moving any chimed drum, the EasyLift now increases productivity by instantly weighing the drum in seconds.  Eliminates the need to transport drums to and from drum floor scales.  Equipped with two load cells and stainless steel indicator, all models provide accuracy of +/- .02% of applied load.   Explosion-proof models available with F.M. approved load cells, indicator, and non-sparking jaws with belt base.  Scales can be fitted to previously sold older models. 


DRUM-HAULER™:  When outfitted with the scale option, the Drum-Hauler eliminates any pre-weighing of materials in manufacturing processes.  Enables it's operator to grip plastic, fibre and steel drums of any size from floor, pallet, or pallet rack.  Power features include: grip, lift, travel, 360 degree rotation and dispense by weight.  Compact design permits travel through doorways and maneuvers into very tight areas for dispensing into tanks, reactors, V-Blenders, or drums.  Also provides its operator an ergonomic method for scooping of materials in pre-weigh areas.  Drum clamp and rotation controls are attached to a coil cord for flexibility, which allows the operator to rotate the clamp from behind, in front of, or along side of the drum to be dispensed.  Scale indicator mounting bracket swings 180 degrees for better operator visibility.  "EE" models available with intrinsically safe scales. 


GRIP & WEIGH™:  America's favorite Eagle-Grip attachments have gotten better with Scales!

Are you getting shorted by your chemical supplier? Never be faced with the problem of shortage with the Grip and WeighTM scale system. With it's two separate load cells the operator can receive accurate readings when unloading trucks. Please inquire for full information or Grip here & Weigh It!

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