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We manufacture several forms of Portable Drum Lifts. All models have the capabilities to handle steel, poly and fiber drums. To see more information on a specific model, Hold your pointer over the thumbnail below. To view the items description page simply click on the thumbnail of interest.


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powered drum dumperBy adding a rotator to your Drum Hauler it instantly turns into a state of the art powered drum dumper. Unit can rotate a drum either left and right or 180 degrees forward. Where this product is unique is that there are no straddle legs on the very compact truck. This allows users to take drums on and off pallets and reach over tanks and hoppers when dumping. These units can be completely powered in that they have power lift, drive, clamp and rotation. All of this from a unit that is capable of lifting a drum 8+ feet yet still fit through a single standard door.

powered drum lifterThe DRUM-HAULER™ motorized drum lift makes an easy task of transporting drums in and out of trucks or up and down ramps using its power drive system. This complete power drum lift uses dc power for lift and travel. It incorporate a large industrial battery which operates continuously for up to 16-hours leaving that 3rd shift as a recharge time. These compact hydraulic units will fit in the tightest of places including a standard doorway.

drum lifter with reach abilitiesThe elimination of legs with the offset of counter weight makes the Easy lift Counterbalanced drum lifter ideal for putting drums into Hot boxes, cabinets, under pumps, filling tanks, scales or containment areas where REACH is required. With a few simple pumps of the foot pedal you can easily lift various type and size drums 18 to 20 inches without ever having to touch the drum.

affordable drum handling equipmentThe EasyLift™ Affordable Drum Transporter can safely eliminate strained backs, pinched fingers and other injuries associated with manhandling drums on and off pallets, floor scales and secondary containment pallets..

Easy Lift drum moverThe EasyLift Drum Lifter can safely handle steel, poly, and fiber drums of virtually any size and raise them 18" to 20" off the ground using nothing more than a foot pump and then transport them using a single hand. the step down floor lock ensures the unit never moves when you don't want it to.



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