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easy lift drum lifter
Standard 18 to 20 inches of lift
foor pump for easily lifting drums
Easy Foot pump lift and lowering

A simple and safe method of transporting drums without having to "man-handle" them into place. Finally a drum handler that will take heavy drums on and off pallets without ever having to touch the drum. Our style of lifts leave the drums in the vertical position at all times alleviating the potential back injuries of first having to tilt the drum or roll it from the pallet as commonly found with drum trucks. The EasyLift Drum Transporter can safely handle steel, poly, and fiber drums of virtually any size and raise them 18" to 20" off the ground using nothing more than a foot pump and then transport them using a single hand. the step down floor lock ensures the unit never moves when you don't want it to.

  • Reduces the risk of injuries associated with moving drums. 
  • Moves drums on/off pallets, floor scales, and spill pallets without man handling! 
  • Drums always stay vertical - no tipping! 
  • Easy to use for female operators! 
  • US Patent #5,618,154

  • Adjustable Capacity from 400 to 1000 pounds 
  • Convenient foot pedal ensures both easy lifting and lowering of drums! 
  • DARCOR™ ergonomic casters allow easy movement of all heavy loads! 
  • Swivel Steering for "tight aisle" maneuvering
  • Positive clamping mechanism for handling steel, plastic and fibre chimed drums! 
  • Step-down foot floor lock for added safety! 


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Drum Dumper

Optional drum rotators also available.


Need to lift drums from center of the pallet?


single clamping head for poly, steel and fiber drums
Eagle-Grip 1 Clamping Mechanism, handles  any chimed drum
double clamping drum grippers
Eagle-Grip 2 Double Clamping Head for Heavier Weight Fiber or Plastic Drums
scale system available
Scale Systems with Doran Indicator and (2) custom load cells. Great accuracy.
drum scales
Scale Option can be installed on older units as well.  Intrinsically safe units also available.
powered drm lift
DC Powered Lift w/ built in battery & charger
FDA approved coatings
FDA Powder Coating & Stainless Steel Hardware
FDA approved coatings for food and pharmaceuticals
FDA Coating and Straight legs for narrow aisle handling
top view of shortleg drum lifters
Top View of Short leg lifter
high reach drum lifter for double stacking
High Reach Model with DC Power lift

drums on a full palletpallet carousels
Pallet Carousel allows you to access all corners of the pallet from a single position.

drum lifter line drawing

Standard unit Specifications

Easy Lift Drum Transporters Economy Drum Movers Counter Balanced Models Powered Drum Hauler Portable Drum Dumper
Eagle 1 Series Eagle 2 Series Eagle 3 Series Eagle 4 Series Four Drum Lifter
Options - Quick Claws - Grip & Weigh Scale System Specifications - Specs and Dimensions