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Eagle-Grip™ attachments are the safest, most quality built lift truck attachments available anywhere for handling any drum. Precise manufacturing tolerances reflect the quality American craftsmanship of all Eagle-Grip™ products. Component parts are laser cut, machined and hardened, never stamped ensuring quality. Steel alloy investment casted jaws are engineered to provide years of reliable service, backed by an 24-month unconditional warranty, the longest in the industry. Click on the names below to find out more.

Light Duty-Single Clamping Mechanism

750 lb. Capacity per drum

Light Duty-Double Clamping Mechanism

1000 lb. Capacity per drum

Heavy Duty-Single Clamping Mechanism

1500 lb. Capacity per drum

Heavy Duty-Double Clamping Mechanism

2000 lb. Capacity per drum

4 drum pcikers
Heavy Duty 1,2,3 or 4 Drum lifters

2000 lb. Capacity per drum

Drum Claws for Eagle-Grip™ 3 & 4 Series Attachments

800 lb. Capacity per drum

1500 lb. Capacity per drum

drumpickers with scales
Weigh drums from the forklift

Which Eagle Grip is Best for you?

Under 200 drums per month & less than 750 pounds

Steel & Poly Drums

Steel, Poly & Fiber

Over 100 drums per month and greater than 750 pounds

Steel, Poly & lite fiber

Steel, Poly & Fiber

* Table lists general suggested series. Please consult factory to confirm the unit best suitable for your application.

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